First United Methodist Church
Tuesday, April 24, 2018
We are a church beyond walls.

Set Free


"SET FREE Debt Retirement Campagin" 

The Vision!

"Wouldn't it be GREAT if we could..."

  • Expand and Enhance the Ministries of FUMC

    • Children and Youth Ministries
    • Senior Adult Ministries (Associate Pastor)
    • Add an alternative time worship service for those unable to attend on Sunday Morning
    • Compensate staff appropriately for exemplary and dedicated service 
  • Continue and Expand Mission Support

    • Weekend Food Sacks for Children
    • Community Meal
    • Hope House
    • Our Daily Bread
    • Wings of Hope
    • Mission of Hope
    • Saville Center 
  • Enhance Facilities

    • Upgrade infrastructure of main building for efficiency, safety and comfort
    • Improve children's facilities
    • Restore and beautify areas that are threadbare
    • Upgrade vehicles for safety and reliability 
  • Respond to future needs as God reveals them to us 

    A Letter from the Senior Pastor


    Yes, I have truly been inspired by each of you who have prayed the prayer, “Lord, what do You want to do through me,” and then have faithfully responded to share in God’s dreams for our church and its future. The announcement that was made this past Sunday definitely revealed a generosity that spoke volumes about the gratitude in your heart and the depth of your faith in Jesus Christ.


    Now, in case you missed that BIG announcement, here is the summary of how our SET FREE campaign has been going.





    245 Commitments = $2,550,798


    Debt in November, 2016


    (when our campaign first began)




    Debt as of May 31, 2017




    And, the amazing news continues as we received $236,893.10 in contributions to our SET FREE campaign on First Fruit Sunday. We pay that amount, along with our June payment from our budget, and our debt has been reduced to $142,773.


    As you can see, our church is on the threshold of being SET FREE from debt and SET FREE to respond enthusiastically to whatever God is dreaming for our future. And, it’s all happening because you are allowing God to work in your life and through your life.

    Thank you for all your support and prayers! Check out this video to see how far we've come in being set free from our debt!
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