First United Methodist Church
Tuesday, April 24, 2018
We are a church beyond walls.
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Commitment Card


At First Church, we believe God has called us to make a lasting difference in the lives of our church family, community and our world.

The many impactful ministries and missions going on in this church that make positive, LASTING changes in the lives of individuals, only happen when our members commit to making an Everlasting Difference for God’s Kingdom with their time, talents, and financial resources. 

We ask that everyone return a commitment card, even if you can only make a limited financial commitment at this time. You can always increase or decrease your commitment, if your situation changes, by calling the church office. Please complete the commitment card below and include your name and contact information.  Please contact Wayne Wilczek for more information or if you have any questions.

Stewardship Card

          It is my desire to be committed to making an everlasting difference.

  Please enter your name here:  
    To reflect this commitment and my desire to share Christ's love, I plan to give  
        $ in 2018, or $ per month
     to First United Methodist Church, doing my piece, so that our church may fulfill God's dreams  for      our ministries and outreach.
  I would like to have my contribution paid monthly via automatic draft (ACH) on or about the the 4th of each month.
          (Please stop by the church office to complete a form and bring a voided check for an automatic draft.)               
          Contact Information:  Phone  Email Address 
Click  to submit your Stewardship Card.

 *Detailed budgets are available in the church office.